My name is Jette Jørgensen. Since 2007, I have joined metals and coloured glass into handicraft. All glass-pieces I make myself - using only my hands, a handful of basic tools, my kiln (special glass oven) - and my head full of ideas.


My workshop consists of a little custom-made shed in my garden in the Northwest Zealand-town Holbæk, where I spend most of my week making figurines, bowls and of course all the typical Danish Christmas-ornaments.


Visit my little shop at the Copenhagen Christmas Market at Højbro Plads (in the middle of Strøget) November 18 - December 23 2016.


Thorsvej 1

DK- 4300 Holbæk


+45 - 26 71 28 04


CVR: 31 30 61 08

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